"It is our passion & love for these animals that inspires us
to only breed the best and strive for the future best."

Welcome to our site. We are a small ranch dedicated to the selective breeding of Longhorns. We started with solid foundation cows, genetically proven bulls, and artificial insemination to assure us the best blood lines for generations to come. Coming into the longhorn world we were fortunate enough to have "The Legendary J.B. Hunn" who became our mentor and friend. With J.B.'s advice and help our blood lines consist of Boomerang CP, Whelming King, Gunman, Texas Ranger J.P., Jet Jockey, Phenomenon, and Emperor to name a few.

Many of our longhorns are futurity eligible, as well as offspring. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Or if you are in the area, stop by and lets talk longhorns!

We hope you find our site informative, and thank you for visiting.


My whole life I've dreamed of having land and a horse. I finally convinced my husband, Joe of this. After a long search we found our place in July of 1995.

Buying it was the "easy" part as the land had been neglected for years and the fencing was down. In addition, the county was trying to deny us our agricultural exemption, being new owners with no animals. So came the question of what to put here, besides a horse! Joe said, "If I'm going to be a part of the West, I want to own a part of the West, I want a piece of history, a true legend, a Texas Longhorn."

So fall of 1996 we went to a sale barn where donkeys and longhorns were auctioned off. It was a sad place, run down, and the hand full of cattle were pitiful looking. We each picked a cow to bid on and waited our turn. I of course had picked the sorriest looking one in the bunch, she was so sorry looking I knew if I didn't take her home, no one would. So we bid and got each one we picked, plus their bull calves, all in all for a real bargain.

We took them to their new home, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, especially since we weren't living here then, and had no experience with livestock, or fencing!

I drove the 32 miles, each way, every day to feed and check on them, and in a short period of time they blossomed and turn from "ugly ducklings" into "swans." In time I gained their trust enough to pet them, especially the boys. It got to where they followed me everywhere and I could even sit on them when they were laying down.

Thus began our "love affair" with these gentle giants.

They appear so intimidating with their horns and yet are extremely intelligent with hearts of gold. We decided we had to have more of these wonderful creatures and set out to find a bull for our "girls."

On our quest we met the "Legendary J.B. Hunn," through his help and advice we tracked down papers for our cows who were then bred to J.B.'s bulls.

We are extremely fortunate to have gained an ally and mentor like J.B., with his 25-plus years of knowledge and expertise. J.B. took us under his wind and imparted knowledge that would have otherwise taken us years to learn. We are committed to raising the best longhorns possible without losing their uniqueness or their great disposition.

If you meet a breeder who won't walk out into his own pasture among his cattle and won't allow you to either, move on to another breeder fast! Longhorns are meant to be gentle, the few that may have a temper you don't want to meet, let alone own!

All of our cattle are gentle with great dispositions. We really only have good things to say about them, we find them to be extremely intelligent. They all know their names and have different quirks and personalities.

Our longhorns have brought us much laughter with their antics, playing with each other, investigating passing turtles, and especially the calves. It is a joy to stop and watch them or spend time petting them - it can be very therapeutic. We try to make sure all of our longhorns go to "good homes" and have even turned down some offers for this reason. To us our longhorns are family pets, not just a business. Thus, we strive for the best - the best in all health care, blood lines, horn, color, and temperament.

We like to look at people who buy our cattle as new acquaintances, and if you need advice or information, we are just a phone call away. Should questions arise we would rather you ask too much than not enough, and know that you are in caring hands.

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