About our Breeding Program

At Sunset Ranch we monitor our longhorns closely. At calving time we put "the girls" in our calving area, and imprint the newborn calves as soon as possible. We consider this aspect very important, so that the calves grow accustomed to people from the very beginning. We also do some halter training in the first few days, and more after weaning.

We strive for healthy cattle with color, horn, confirmation, and great disposition, all our longhorns are pets, gentle and quiet. If you want to show our cattle - they can show with the best. If you are looking for breeding stock - we have top bloodlines, including futurity eligible cattle. We strive for and believe in improving on the breed with each breeding we do, without sacrificing any of their qualities.

As for our herd sires, we are artificially inseminating (A.I.'ing) our cows to top bulls in the breed, as well as using some of our bulls produced from A.I.'ing. We stand behind our cattle, take a look at our young stock and their pedigrees. They are stacked, and not just generations back. You will find Boomerang CP, Whelming King, Gunman, Texas Ranger J.P., Jet Jockey, Phenomenon, Emperor, Bail Jumper, Sentaor, and the list goes on.

We also offer a breed back program, or the possiblity of leasing bulls.

We take our cattle and their health seriously, giving all vaccinations and updates in accordance to veterinary guidelines. No animal leaves here without all of their immunizations, worming, branding, and registration.

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